My favorite line from a hip hop song in 2010 (or at least the second half of it) comes from Dom Kennedy’s feature on Curren$y’s song, “Real Estates,” from the Pilot Talk II album, where Dom spits:

“You singin’ ass rap niggas, sympin’ all the time/Fuckin’ up the game, niggas fuckin’ up my name…”

While his word choice is a bit more vulgar than my own, Dom and I share the same sentiment regarding this latest “trend” in rap music – singing rappers.

Now while there’s nothing wrong with singing a hook or two, it’s just plain annoying when rappers make this a habit. There are too many starving R&B singers out there who would be more than happy to sing on a track for a $5 footlong from Subway for these rappers to ruin what are oftentimes great instrumentals. As previously documented, I love Kanye West, but I could NOT listen to 808s & Heartbreaks without wanting to throw my iPod out of the window. “Runway” could have easily been one of my favorite Kanye West songs had just kept the singing for his (incredibly hilarious) chorus. To be completely honest, I don’t think the hook would have worked had Kanye not sung it. However, this is rarely the case. His protégé, Kid Cudi, went to high school with my cousins, so although I feel a special “connection” to him, I still believe that he is horribly overrated. I’d love to assess his flow, if he HAD one. Maybe it’s because I don’t smoke marijuana, but the simple thought of listening to so-called “rappers” sing off key for the duration of an entire album is nothing short of painful.  People always look at me like I’m crazy upon learning that I, a Curren$y fanatic, do not like Wiz Khalifa. In addition to the fact that his subject matter is extremely narrow (and I’m not being a hypocrite-  Spitta at least announces his topic of discussion, “Racecars and Weed Jars,” in at least every other track), Wiz cannot sing, but insists on doing so. It drives me absolutely insane. Very few rappers can successfully pull off rap’s version of “double-consciousness,” (Phonte, Mos Def, Drake…kinda) so they should stop trying.

MCs- don’t quit your day job.